Android 12 Beta 3 Reveals New URL Sharing Feature

The third official beta of Android 12 was released on July 14 and brought a host of new features to the operating system, such as permission group search, AppSearch, and game mode, but a small feature. was ignored in the otherwise detailed release notes.

This hidden gem is designed to make it easy to copy and share URL links right from your phone. Until now, the only way to do that was to select the URL in the search bar, choose “Copy”, then head over to any messaging app and share it there. It’s a pretty heavy process for something some of us tend to do quite often throughout the day.

While this was not announced with the official beta 3 release, Google subsequently released developer documentation, which was picked up by XDA Developers. They have therefore posted all the details and screenshots we need to know all about the upcoming feature without downloading it to a personal device (which is strongly advised against for non-developers as it can wreak havoc on your phone).

The new Android feature now allows you to instantly copy any URL link from the Recent Apps Overview screen. According to XDA research, it is not only Chrome that has access to the convenient sharing feature, but also any other third-party application that has a web user interface recognized by the operating system.

Android 12 will be able to locate and extract web links, and when you go to the recent apps overview (by pressing the Home button and swiping up), you’ll see a file sharing icon at the top right. the square of the application. When tapped, the icon will reveal the full URL, giving you the option to copy or share it immediately and there, as seen in the XDA screenshots above.

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