Amazon workers in New York file petition for union election

Amazon workers at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse go on strike demanding the facility be closed and cleaned after a staff member tested positive for the coronavirus on March 30, 2020 in New York City.

Angela Weiss | AFP | Getty Images

Amazon workers at a second warehouse on Staten Island in New York have filed a petition to form a union, according to a labor group behind the effort.

Workers at one of the company’s facilities on Staten Island, known as LDJ5, are seeking representation from the Amazon Labor Union, a labor group made up of current and former Amazon employees. ALU on Wednesday electronically filed a petition to form a union with the National Labor Relations Board, said Chris Smalls, a former Amazon employee who is an executive with the group.

ALU is also in the process of organizing another Amazon warehouse in Staten Island, called JFK8 and located less than a mile from LDJ5. ALU was forced to refile its union petition in December after the NLRB found it had not collected enough employee signatures to force an election. Last week, the NLRB said the group had enough evidence to move forward with an election, and a hearing is scheduled for February 16.

In documents filed with the NLRB, Amazon said it remained skeptical that the ALU had collected enough signatures to force an election at JFK8.

The petition comes as Amazon faces a wave of union activity among its warehouses and delivery workers. Other retailers, including Starbucks, are seeing an increase in organizing efforts.

On Friday, workers at one of Amazon’s warehouses in Alabama will have the opportunity to vote again to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. The NLRB authorized a second election at the Bessemer, Alabama site after the agency determined that Amazon improperly interfered with the vote, which originally took place last spring.

Major unions have been trying to organize Amazon workers for years, to no avail. The RWDSU, the United Food & Commercial Workers Union and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have all approached Amazon workers in recent years about their interest in organizing.

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