Add your website link to your LinkedIn profile

Here’s a new LinkedIn feature that you might not know about: you can now add an external clickable URL link in the top area/intro section of your profile.

how to add url to linkedin profile

It’s a visible and easy way to include a link to your website or Link tree (a tool that lets you share multiple links on social media from a single URL), promote your blog or podcast, webinar, or get subscribers to your mailing list.

The link will appear in the introduction section, below your username and description and above your number of followers and connections.

You can update the link as often as you want, allowing you to promote an upcoming webinar, event, or content.

For your information, you need to enable creator mode to use this feature.

Previously, you could add three websites to your contact information section, which you can still do. It’s just that it’s not so easy to find information there.

Go the extra mile and add this to your LinkedIn profile. And while you’re at it, also add your website URL to your LinkedIn cover image as well as your email address. Personalizing your cover image with your contact information is a strategic way to encourage people to contact you. Here’s an article on how to create a stronger LinkedIn cover image.

LinkedIn is all about making it easier to connect with others and grow your business and brand, so why not!

Will you add this new feature to your profile? Summer is the perfect time to make those small changes to your LinkedIn profile that will have a big impact.

For further reading, here’s why you should use a tool like Linktree.

Here is how to use LinkedIn creator mode tools to your advantage as well as this article on how to use Creator Mode to grow your business and brand.

How to create a stronger LinkedIn cover image to grow your brand and business.

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