5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible

by @NandoRecruit

1. Keywords in your profile

Search engine optimization is key on LinkedIn; if I can’t find you, I can’t hire you. Your profile on LinkedIn should be a snapshot of your journey, which is why it’s called your Linkedin profile, not Linkedin novella. And those are the keywords that will get you in my search when I’m looking for someone with specific social skills. If you’re a master at community management or social crisis reputation management and you don’t highlight it in your profile, you won’t show up in my results or someone else’s. ‘other. Those keywords, which you want to be known for, should be organically dispersed throughout your profile.

Premium: If the keywords you’re using include: ninja, guru, maven, maverick, or your headline title is “I’m the BatGirl of Social CRM,” you’re doing yourself and the Justice League a huge injustice. I don’t like taking you away from crime fighting to do social media for our clients.

2. Who do you want to be seen for?

What your personal brand? Are you a social expert? What about a professional social media content producer? Every time you show up on someone’s radar, your personal title or tagline goes with you. And it’s for this reason that you need to make sure that your profile, your CV and yourself are aligned. There shouldn’t be a huge disconnect between the three, as it will become apparent when I contact you and call you, only to find out within the first five minutes that your personal online brand and your “in person” brand are not one and the same. Who do you want to be seen: a leader, an expert, a worker bee?

3. Tell us your story

Connect the dots for me. I love when someone’s profile shows the progression of how they got to where they are in a snapshot. I immediately see a person’s strategic storytelling abilities when I quickly see how they went from point A to point Z based on their skills, expertise, and background. If you’re looking for a new job and no one contacts you, start editing your profile every week until you have a winning story.

Premium: Another part of your story is your connections. Are you in touch with industry experts, business leaders, or just friends? Be aware of your connections and be proactive when it comes to connecting, don’t just wait for someone to contact you. Connecting to the right people will provide you with professional ideas, knowledge and expertise to help you be better at your job.

4. Hello, we see you (your photo)

It’s social age, and by that I mean you’re considered archaic if your profile picture is missing. To me, that means you haven’t embraced 2013 yet. But what’s worse than no profile photo is a photo that doesn’t represent your best business judgment. When it comes to your Linkedin photo, you want to put your best foot forward, and if your professional profile photo consists of you holding a beer, taking photos at parties surrounded by hotties, or a dog licking your face surrounded of your family at the Grand Canyon, this just doesn’t come across as a business leader that I want to introduce to my hiring managers. Linkedin is a professional community, and it’s up to you to make a first impression that we can trust you to interface with our customers. The photo you choose sends a strong message.

Premium: Your Linkedin photo should not make us want to send you to rehab or a psychiatric clinic for an evaluation.

5. Your Linkedin URL

If you’re applying for a social media job and send me your Linkedin profile URL and it’s something like “http://linkedin.com/in/memeber1234xxxxxxIdon’tknowsocial66868686″ instead of ” http://linkedin.com/in/yourfullname” this tells me you haven’t taken that extra step to align your brand. Make sure all online profiles a recruiter has access to tell the same story , meaning you maintain a professional presence and showcase your expertise.

Premium: Having a personal Linkedin URL adds sophistication to your professional status.

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