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With over 260 million active users worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the best social networks geared towards career guidance professionals. It is a platform to promote your home business, increase employability, and connect with employers and employees.

People think gaining engagement on LinkedIn is super easy, all they have to do is buy LinkedIn followers but to tell you the truth, buying fake followers won’t do you any good. If you are wondering how to promote your LinkedIn profile to increase your visibility as well as your reach, here are 5 ways that will help you on your quest.

Complete your LinkedIn profile

It is important to keep your profile up to date to make sure viewers have complete information about your working life. An incomplete LinkedIn profile is one of the biggest inconveniences for employers, which can lead to instant rejection. The things you need to keep in mind are:

Make sure your profile photo is formal and of high quality, as anything smaller than 200 x 200 pixels will be pixelated and blurry. A bad profile picture will make your profile unattractive to viewers.

A title allows you to present yourself in 120 words to visitors to your profile. It is very important because it improves the visibility and search of your profile.

  • Education, skills and rewards

These are the basic criteria for making connections or expanding your network and therefore these fields are very important in helping you promote your LinkedIn profile.

If someone comes across your profile and finds it attractive, he or she may want to contact you regarding a job opportunity that makes contact information a must for all professionals.

Completing your LinkedIn profile is just the first step towards your goal. To continue receiving job offers, you will need to continually update and optimize it based on current trends and needs.

Remove irrelevant content

When you first signed up on LinkedIn, you must have gone crazy and joined several groups and added a lot of skills that may or may not be of use to you. If this is your case, it’s time to filter out all the irrelevant groups and skills and start removing them one by one. Keep only those skills, certifications, and details that are relevant to your job profile, and remove those that are unrelated or that you don’t have much experience with.

As you browse through the groups you’ve joined or followed, try to find the ones you find interesting and start participating. It won’t just help you get engagement on LinkedIn but will also ensure more profile visits, which will ultimately translate into more job offers.

Develop your LinkedIn network

LinkedIn is all about bonding and building a network that will help you in your professional life. Plus, your search results are heavily dependent on your network, which makes adding additional connections the best way to expand LinkedIn’s reach. You can grow your LinkedIn network in several ways, such as:

  • Communicate with your former employers, co-workers, mentors, clients, teachers and fellow students.
  • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature, blogs, websites, and other social media profiles.
  • Using your email database to import customers as well as marketing emails and create a network that shares a mutual connection with you.
  • Another great way to easily make connections is LinkedIn groups.
  • Finally, you can also use LinkedIn search to find people in your target audience.

As you grow your LinkedIn network, remember to add only people and groups that are relevant to you and who could add something to your LinkedIn profile.

Customize your LinkedIn URL

When you create an account on LinkedIn, it provides you with a huge URL link to your profile. The link can be very long and complex, which makes it difficult to remember. You have to customize this gigantic LinkedIn URL so that you can easily tell people how to find you on LinkedIn. After all, what could be more attractive: Rohit0134928828 or RohitSharma?

The URL should reflect your full name without anything else, but if you have a common name, you can add a slight change in the form of an underscore or a word to help your profile stand out. For example: if RohitSharma is already in use, you can just add your middle or professional name into the mix like RohitChandraSharma or RohitSharmaWriter.

Request for recommendations

LinkedIn Referrals are one of the best ways to promote your LinkedIn profile because it is human nature to be swayed by good referrals. The employer will know that you are a competent and talented person that people want to approve of publicly. You can ask for recommendations from people in high places, former colleagues, clients, bosses and / or others who know you professionally.

You can also get recommendations offline and then ask LinkedIn to reflect on your online account. So take a few minutes and ask your current or previous supervisor, colleague or employer to write you one.

Now that you know the best ways to promote your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to make some changes to your LinkedIn account to significantly increase your online visibility and collect more job offers than before!

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