10 ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Does your LinkedIn profile title just show your current job title and company, for example “Account Manager for Company XYZ” or “Marketing Manager for ABC Inc.”? If you really want to stand out, avoid this boring approach and instead play around with your title to make it more interesting.

“Your title is the most ‘real estate’ on LinkedIn because it’s the first thing people see in a search result and when you comment on status updates and other people’s posts,” says Julie Bondy Roberts , Founder of Coming Alive Career Coaching, LLC, which offers LinkedIn Profile Optimization, LinkedIn Workshops, and Private Career Coaching. “If you only have your job title and company name, that won’t help you not to differentiate you from the pack. “

Bondy Roberts says hiring managers and recruiters typically don’t type in the company name when searching for candidates, so including your company name in your title might not help. “They add keywords like ‘process improvement’ or ‘lead generation’ and job titles to find someone with a particular set of skills,” she explains.

When writing your headline, Bondy Roberts comes up with this formula to follow: enter your job title (it doesn’t have to be exactly what’s on your business card) + industry keywords for help you appear in search results + a brand statement that reflects how you add value to an employer. For example, she suggests changing “Category & Channel Manager at Office Depot” to “Award Winning Category & Channel Manager | Multichannel Marketing | Energizes brands, defines retail strategy for growth. “

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